Cheapest health insurance 2017: Here save insured almost 400 euros

Cheapest health insurance 2017: Here save insured almost 400 euros

   Tuesday, 28.03.17, written by Annabell Meyer In the statutory health insurance, the contributions differ in some cases seriously. Therefore, many insured look for the cheapest health insurance. In 2017 they pay the lowest contributions from regional providers. This will not change in 2018. But some nationally opened cash registers can convince with low costs.
    Günstigste Krankenkasse 2017: Nicht nur regionale Kassen überzeugen Insured save with the cheapest health insurance 2017 a lot of money

While a large part of the health insurance companies kept the costs for their insured persons stable in 2017, some funds have had to increase their contributions. Nationwide, the funds with the highest contribution rate are thus more than one percent higher than those with the lowest costs. But not only for this reason is it worth looking at the cheapest health insurance in 2017. Because even if the current insurance has not become more expensive, insured can save several hundred euros a year by switching to a cheaper alternative.

Update December 8, 2017: The cheapest health insurance 2017 will probably come up with the lowest contributions in 2018. For example, Audi BKK recently confirmed that its additional contribution will remain stable at 0.7 percent. The hkk plans to continue with a very small health insurance contribution. At the AOK Bremer / Bremerhaven, the contribution drops significantly from 15.7 percent to 15.4 percent.

Which are the cheapest health insurance in 2017?

As in the previous year, hkk, BKK firmus and IKK gesund plus are among the cheapest nationwide health insurances open in 2017. Their contributions are well below the average of 15.7 percent (from 2018 15.6 percent). As one of the reasons for the consistently low costs, the responsible persons mention, among other things, their sound and far-sighted economy.

Although some health insurance companies such as Metzinger BKK and AOK Saxony-Anhalt, the contributions for insured even lower (both 14.9 percent). However, these are only regionally open in Baden-Württemberg or Saxony-Anhalt. For a large part of the health insurance patients, a look at the cheapest offers of the nationally accessible health insurances is recommended.

  • hkk (15.19 percent)
  • BKK firmus (15.2 percent)
  • IKK healthy plus (15.2 percent)

Service : In addition to the contribution, it comes with the health insurance on the benefits. Therefore, check with the health insurance comparison calculator which insurance companies can offer you the best value for money.


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Cheapest health insurance 2017: Worth a change at all?

Basically, a change from an expensive to a cheaper health insurance for each insured worthwhile. For this an example calculation:

Since 2015, the health insurance companies have been collecting an individual additional contribution in addition to the general contribution of 14.6 percent of the monthly gross income. At present, this is an average of 1.1 percent across Germany (1.0 percent from 2018). However, the three cheapest nationwide health insurances 2017 keep him at around 0.6 percent. Insured with a salary of 3,000 euros, the health insurance costs there 237 euros per month.

By contrast, Viactiv and Securvita, the most expensive health insurance funds in Germany, make an additional contribution of 1.7 percent. With an income of 3,000 euros gross, this means a contribution of 270 euros per month. Between the cheapest health insurance in 2017 and the most expensive are thus 33 euros price difference per month. Calculated on the year, the difference is 396 euros , which can save cashier.

Health insurance without much effort change

A health insurance change is associated with little effort. If you are insured with a health fund for at least 18 months, you can cancel your membership with a two-month deadline to the end of the month. All that is required is an informal letter with the respective insurance number. It is only important that the insurance coverage of the new fund without delay to the previous protection.

If the selected cheaper cashier after the exchange more expensive, cash patients receive a special right of termination . Once informed of the increasing contribution, they can look around for an alternative within a month. Subsequently, they remain insured with the old health fund for two months before the bill of exchange becomes effective.

López denies the Board's debt to the City Council for the tram and asks for data to support this "free version"

López denies the Board's debt to the City Council for the tram and asks for data to support this "free version"

  • The Minister of Development and Housing, Felipe López, said that "the Junta de Andalucía has no debt to the City of Jaén" with respect to the tram and has requested to know "exactly" the data that hold "the free version of the mayor" , Javier Márquez (PP), who owes about six million euros. In his opinion, trying to use this as an "alibi to continue delaying" its implementation is an exercise in "political filibusterism".
Felipe López (c) en su visita a la exposición sobre

Felipe López (c) in his visit to the exhibition on 'Jaén, Interior Paradise'. EUROPA PRESS / JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA

This was stated this Friday in Jaén to questions from journalists about this transport, which has only been running on tests after its completion in 2011. As he explained, when the councilman spoke in a "blunt" of debt, he said that first there would be that "see if it exists" and, once it has been documented, has rejected such an extreme.

In this way and after "clear the unequivocal commitment of the Board with the implementation of the tram," he said, without wanting to "sour relations", that "he who is defaulter for a long time can not finish in an inquisitorial placing on the table who has no responsibility that there is a debt. "

In this regard, he added that "the one that has not paid for it is the City Council" and has asked Márquez to specify "exactly what it is". He explained that in the agreement signed "freely by both parties" to implement this new transport system, the Consistory promised to pay 50 percent of the construction management and purchase of trains, while the Andalusian Government made a investment of 120 million for its construction.

As he could not pay for them, he asked for "help" and that the Board would "face the obligations it had contracted" with Alstom, something that the Autonomous Administration in terms agreed with the City Council: "to return what the Board assumed on its behalf and over 17 years to make them digestible, at a rate of just over 900,000 euros per year with quarterly drafts of 290,000 euros. "

As he has commented, "he did not pay the Board, only a part", which, in accordance with current legislation, has involved the generation of interest and charges. Specifically, since the Board has been delivered "just over eight million euros" "and has only paid 3.5 million." Thus, "payments have been made in terms of interest surcharges that represent something more than two million euros".

"What comes out to me around six million is the sum of what he has paid, eight 8.5 million euros turned over and only 3.5 million paid, plus the two million resulting from surcharges and interest. is what the City Council refers to, "he commented.

If so, the counselor has considered "a falsehood in terms of debt to the Board to the City Council", but "the opposite", since he "has only paid a part of what he had to pay and still have nine million more "to pay.

"Therefore, the Junta de Andalucía has no debt to the City of Jaén, if that is to be used as a pretext and an alibi to continue delaying the start-up of the tram, it is called political filibustering," he said.


So things, has called municipal responsibility so that, "over short dribbling maneuvers," have a "minimum sense of obligations to fulfill what is agreed and knowing" where is mobility in Europe, "finish "accepting the generous help" of the Board and the Provincial Council to make "digestible" the exploitation deficit to a City Council "in poor financial and economic conditions.

"Less distracting maneuvers, which says exactly what is the alleged debt of the Juta with City Council, which is the opposite, there are more than nine million to amortize facts with generous contribution and a delay in enough time to digest it a City Council in bad conditions, "said Lopez not without asking" leave the pretexts and speak clearly "making public" where do those numbers "on that alleged debt.

Check here more news of Jaén.


Financial Assist

A. Preamble

FinanzAssist is a service of Cosmos Lebensversicherungs-AG and Cosmos Versicherung AG (hereinafter CosmosDirekt). We appreciate your interest in FinanzAssist and our company and assure you of the lawful and responsible use of all data that you entrust to us as a user of FinanzAssist.

B. Our Privacy Policy

  1. We deal with the data transmitted to us in a trusting and responsible manner and observe the legal provisions on data protection, and in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).
  2. Personal data will only be collected by us if and only to the extent that you provide us with your knowledge.
  3. We do not sell, lend or give away your personal data, a transfer to third parties without your consent only if we are legally obliged to do so, for example, if there is a corresponding court order.
  4. We use state-of-the-art security technologies to protect your information from misuse.
  5. We want to provide you with a safe, smooth and efficient user experience.

C. Privacy when using FinanzAssist
You can use FinanzAssist via the webapp and / or via applications (apps) for your mobile device. To use certain features (including synchronization, web banking, creating your own categories) from FinanzAssist, you need a FinanzAssist account. To create a FinanzAssist account you need to register. If you already have access data for the customer portal meinCosmosDirekt, you can log in directly without registration. When registering or logging in for the first time with your myCosmosDirekt access data, you must agree to this privacy policy.

I. Data collection, storage and use of personal data
To create your FinanzAssist account, you must provide your e-mail address and password. We collect this information for your registration and secure identification. In order to be able to make account inquiries or transfers, you must also enter your access data for the relevant accounts, including the bank code, account number and bank-specific user ID. Your bank-specific user ID PINs / passwords will only be saved if you enable the option to save the PIN.
Your data is stored encrypted on German servers and protected against third-party access by extensive technical and organizational safeguards. All personal data is encrypted. Access to this data is only possible for you after entering your chosen, freely selectable password, which we do not know. As a result, even CosmosDirekt has no access to the encrypted data.

1. Web banking
FinanzAssist allows you to carry out online banking via the FinanzAssist server (web banking). If you use web banking, the required data (in particular your ID, PIN / possibly TAN, account number of the recipient and intended purpose) are first encrypted to the FinanzAssist server and from there (after technically required temporary decryption in RAM). of the FinanzAssist server) encrypted to your bank. The booking data is then encrypted and transferred from your bank back to the FinanzAssist server where it is stored in encrypted form. CosmosDirekt does not have access to this data even during the temporary in-memory (RAM) process of the FinanzAssist server.

2nd synchronization
As a registered FinanzAssist customer, you can synchronize your mobile devices with each other and with your FinanzAssist account. This means that you always have the latest information at your fingertips, no matter which way you use FinanzAssist. Sales inquiries via your mobile devices are always made via the FinanzAssist server with activated synchronization function in order to ensure the synchronization of the booking data. Without the FinanzAssist account, the synchronization function is not available.

3. Document archive
The FinanzAssist document archive offers you the possibility to save your digital documents (eg invoices, notifications, contracts, letters) centrally on the FinanzAssist server. If you use this function, your documents are transferred to the server, where they are first automatically checked for viruses and finally stored in encrypted form. Security and confidentiality of your documents are our top priority. Therefore, documents are only stored in the document archive after a successful virus scan.

4. Financial protection
Within FinanzAssist you have the possibility to complete the financial protection of CosmosDirekt. In order to process your application, a transmission of the information given there to CosmosDirekt is necessary. Your personal data is transmitted securely by encryption.

II. Collection, storage and use of non-personal data

1. Log data
Accesses to the FinanzAssist server usually involve information about the host name of the accessing device (IP address), the date and time of the server request, the amount of data transferred, browser type and version, the operating system used, and the referrer URL, the last one you received visited page, transmitted. We can not associate this information with specific individuals, and we will not merge this information with other data sources.

2. Sales query
If you conduct a sales query from an iOS app (iPad / iPhone) without synchronization enabled, non-personal data (in particular, bank code, account type, access type, and product version) is first transferred to the FinanzAssist server so that it has the additional current required to complete the sales query Information (such as the current format of the data transmission) can provide. There is no storage of this data on the FinanzAssist server.

3. Info service
FinanzAssist contains a service that provides useful information for the use of FinanzAssist (information service). Initially, non-personal data (eg your bank code or your product version) is encrypted and transferred to the FinanzAssist server. If useful information is available to you (eg, length of service on your bank’s server, availability of a new version of FinanzAssist), FinanzAssist will display this information.

4. Category feedback
If you wish to contribute to the improvement of FinanzAssist, with your consent, information about the bookings you categorized may be sent encrypted to the FinanzAssist server. These include the intended purpose, the recipient including the bank details, the type and amount of the booking, the account type, the date and the respective category. These data are processed automatically by CosmosDirekt exclusively for the purpose of improving the categorization and are not passed on to third parties by us. If you change your mind later, you can revoke your consent at any time with immediate effect under Settings-> Feedback-> Category feedback.

5. Booking tags
For more accurate evaluation and easier findability, you can assign individual keywords (so-called tags) to your bookings. The tags are technically protected on the FinanzAssist server but are stored without additional encryption. You should therefore refrain from personal information in the context of the keywords.

6. Push notifications via Apple APNS
If you use FinanzAssist on iOS apps (iPhone / iPad), you can enable the “Push notifications” option to receive a push notification according to your settings for certain events (new bookings, underflows or overflows …) become. To use this feature, you must log in to the FinanzAssist Web App and enter the PINs for your accounts.
To deliver this feature, we use Apple Inc.’s Push Notification Service, One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California 95014, USA (“Apple”). In order to be able to submit push messages to you, we must, with your consent and according to your settings, transmit non-personal data (eg number of new bookings, underflows or overflows) to the Apple server, which then encrypts them as a push message to your FinanzAssist iOS app (iPhone / iPad). For secure communication with your device, we will notify Apple of your Device Token ID, a unique connection number generated from the Device ID.

III. data security
We are always striving for the highest possible security of your data through the continuous development of our technical and organizational protection measures. In particular, the following safeguards currently exist:

1. Technical precautions
The FinanzAssist servers are located in a data center in Germany. We do not store any data on servers abroad. The data center is redundant (all potential single point of failure (SPOF) are secured and redundant by two different buildings, redundant power supply with UPS, redundant fiber optic cabling, etc.) and is protected, inter alia, by a double firewall. The effectiveness of the protective measures is also checked regularly by external service providers, because the security of your data is our top priority.

2. Organizational safeguards
With your registration, a personal username in the form of your e-mail address and a password will be created to guarantee you security and privacy. It also uses a combination of firewalls, encryption techniques, and authentication measures to make your use as secure as possible and to prevent unauthorized access. All data transfers are made using secure encryption technology (SSL) to prevent reading and manipulation by unauthorized persons. Through encryption and pseudonymization, even with physical access to the systems, the data can not be read out or assigned.

3. Safety instruction
Please note that the security of using FinanzAssist also depends on how well you choose and protect your password. Therefore, do not share your FinanzAssist password with anyone and choose a secure password, meaningfully using uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers. It should not contain any (perceptible) classification and should not be a word of a common language (eg English, German, Spanish or French).

4. Mobile devices
Mobile devices are the bridge between the virtual world of the Internet and the real world. FinanzAssist supports you by integrating mobile devices (such as iPad and iPhone) so that you have access to your data anytime, anywhere. For the use of third-party backup services (such as the Apple “iCloud”), our own privacy policies of third parties apply, on the content and compliance of which we have no influence.

IV. No disclosure to third parties
A transfer of data to third parties without your consent only if we are legally obliged to do so, for example, in the presence of a corresponding court order.

V. Information
Your trust is important to us. If you have any questions that could not be answered by this privacy policy, please contact the company data protection officer of CosmosDirekt in 66121 Saarbrücken or by e-mail at We may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms. In case of material changes, we will inform you in good time.

VI. Revocation and data deletion
You may revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future by deleting your FinanzAssist data and / or your FinanzAssist account. Log on to with your access data and then delete your FinanzAssist data in your profile settings and then your account. When you delete your Financial Assist information, both your personal information and non-personal (pseudonymized) information will be completely erased on the FinanzAssist server. If you do not use your FinanzAssist account for a period of 12 months, it will be deleted automatically.

VII. Use of cookies
FinanzAssist uses cookies. Cookies are data records that are sent by the web server to the user’s web browser and stored there for later retrieval. The records contain no personal information. A combination with any personal data provided by you does not take place. You can decide for yourself whether cookies can be collected by setting your browser in such a way that you are informed before saving a cookie and that you only save it if you expressly accept it. Please note that not all features of FinanzAssist may be available to you without the use of cookies.

VIII. Web Analysis
To continually optimize our functionality and fix bugs faster, we use web analytics technologies.

In the context of the use of FinanzAssist, information is anonymised, partially pseudonymised, collected and evaluated. This is done by incorporating a cookie technology and a so-called pixelization of the pages.
According to the Telemedia Act, you have the right to object to the data storage of your (anonymized) data for the future so that they will no longer be recorded in the future.

1. Service provider for web analysis and opt-out
For statistical evaluations we use the technologies of the following providers:

  • Webtrekk GmbH, Boxhagener Str. 76-78, 10245 Berlin

Webtrekk GmbH has been certified in the area of ​​data protection by the TÜV Saarland. In particular, the collection and processing of tracking data for data protection compliance and data security was checked and certified.

The data collection and storage by Webtrekk can be contradicted at any time with effect for the future. Please call the following link:

When using the mobile FinanzAssist app, an additional contradiction about the settings within the app is necessary.

  • AdClear Gmbh, Torstrasse 106, 10119 Berlin

AdClear GmbH is certified by TÜV Saarland for data protection in the field of campaign tracking systems. Data collection and storage by AdClear can be challenged at any time with future effect. To do this, please visit the following link:

2. How does the objection or deactivation via the link work?
By confirming the links, a so-called opt-out cookie is set on your data carrier. Please note that if you delete all cookies on your computer / device, these opt-out cookies will also be deleted, which means that you will need to re-set the opt-out cookies if you wish to continue objecting to this form of data collection. The opt-out cookies are set per session, browser and computer / terminal and must therefore be activated separately for each session, each browser, computer and each terminal.


Every third German likes to pay with the card, and the trend is rising

Every third German likes to pay with the card, and the trend is rising

This is shown by a representative survey of the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy. Without a credit card many would probably be stuck – especially when traveling. The credit card is an important addition to the travel fund, as vacationers should never bet on just one form of payment. Even those who shop a lot on the Internet often needs a credit card. But who wants to buy a credit card, should first pay attention to some things.

Credit cards for every user type

Credit cards are issued by banks, but are not necessarily tied to a checking account. This means that customers can look for a provider that is cheaper than their house bank. Occasional users can bet on an inexpensive credit card without additional services. Many users choose a card best according to which service they use the most. Because then they could, for example, collect airline miles with their card, save on fueling or benefit from certain insurance policies. Consumers should, however, pay attention to the associated costs, ie which annual fee is incurred, which costs a cash withdrawal and what is charged for the use of maps outside the euro area countries.

The essential feature of a credit card: unlike a girocard, sales are collected and usually debited only once a month. “The customer thus benefits from a delay in payment,” explains Anne van Dülmen of the Federal Association of German Banks. According to her, the most widely used credit cards in Germany are MasterCard and Visa, followed by American Express and Diners. The companies assign different credit card types – which differ significantly in how the provider bills the card transactions.

These are the common card types

  • Charge Card : In the most common Charge Card in Germany, sales are billed once a month and debited from the current account by direct debit. Credit interest does not accrue during the deferred payment.
  • Debit Card: With the debit card, all sales are booked on the same day and interest is charged. The booking is made to a credit card account or to a checking account to which the credit card is connected. Credit cards in the pure form of the debit card are rather rare in Germany.
  • Credit Card: Caution is appropriate for the card type Credit Card. Here, unlike the charge and debit card, only a partial amount is deducted from the account; about only 5 or 25 percent of the amount actually due. For the amount that the customer does not compensate, consumers have to pay loan interest. These are called in monthly with the next billing. With every additional booking via the card, the loan amount increases immediately. Inattentive cardholders can quickly slip into an expensive permanent loan here. The credit cards provide a revolving credit, which is why they are also known as revolving cards.

Prepaid credit card for children and adolescents

Here, consumers should be careful: Some providers hide in their contracts that it is a revolving credit card. Customers would have to read the conditions very carefully. Anyone who already has such a card should try to balance all totals at the end of the month, he recommends. It is readily possible to repay more than the contractually agreed loan amount.

Less dangerous because there are prepaid cards. They are suitable for children and adolescents traveling abroad. Parents can load money from home on their cards if they have not enough credit. Prepaid credit cards but are also suitable for freelancers and self-employed – for example, if they do not get a classic credit card, because the provider requires a regular receipt of money in a certain amount. In most cases, the company does not ask prepaid credit cards from the credit agency Schufa before handing out the card.

However, the term prepaid is deceptive, because the customer does not expect that he can slip into the downside. However, some banks write in their terms and conditions that about annual fees can lead to a loss. Consumers should ask their bank. In addition, some prepaid cards surprise with an inactivity fee. The customer must pay them if the card remains unused for too long.

Consumers who want to get the right credit using the credit card should think about other loan types. Because credit over credit cards are very expensive. Cheaper variants can be about an installment loan or frame loan.


Diversifying Your Own Retirement Portfolio? Buy Annuities

Obtaining loans, you are obliged location some of his valuable property as collateral versus the loan volume. The relative merits of the lending company with lower interest rates because lenders feel safer and have better terms and scenarios. However, a property was in risk in such loans if perhaps that the borrower does not pay mortgage amount the actual lender can repossess his property. Mortgage amount released on such unsecured loans generally vary from $ 5,000 and 75,000 with a maturity as much top payday loan lenders as 25 days. The loan is the best solution for people who have ownership of their very own. Since the maturity of debts is longer, the actual monthly repayments are extra that can be quickly paid via borrower without actually its revenue monetary budget.

According to my article of 10/03/11, “Is the economy getting better or even worse? ” what traders should do seems to be the topic which is utmost on readers’ thoughts according to the feedback I have obtained.

My advice: if you need to stay in the market, stay in the marketplace but without the annuity. I understand this is unlikely to give myself more business now yet it’s more ethical tips. The potential for good investment results is much higher without the charge structure of the annuity investment. That will income guarantee isn’t totally free, by the way.

In January 2k the Consumer Price Index for those urban consumers (CPI-U) was at 168. 8. The particular online payday loans fast approval CPI-U reached 219. Ninety-six in July 2008 (latest available) – a risk associated with over 30% since The month of January 2000. In other words what price $168. 80 in 2k had risen to $219. 96 in mid-2008. As soon as inflation is taken into account, the particular DJIA actually lost more than 25% because of the shrinking associated with money. What does this indicate for your mutual funds, and perhaps your retirement?

There are also a lot of liberties you will have. It means that will at any time you can make any adjustments but there are some terms plus condition that you have to maintain. These types of changes depend upon the particular firm with which you have made the agreement. Devoid of that, you may maybe also have an opportunity to withdraw your hard earned money in premature condition yet characteristically, you will be obliged to pay for it back with proper curiosity. So, you can get many amenities from annuity insurance.

The only some other thing I would mention is the fact that some investment accounts bring fees and will ultimately reduce your rate of return. An illustration of this would be types of annuity which have substantial fees. Also, many non-retirement investment accounts are going to be taxed which will also decrease your correct rate of come back. So, this is something to bear in mind when determining the actual price of return on any kind of investment.

Question: I have noticed that there is a stock that addresses the Dow and shields your money better than any individual share. I heard that this share has all the stocks within the index, so it performs similarly to the Dow. What is the stock image and what is it selling intended for? Do you recommend it regarding long-term growth?

The weak dollar will be boosting demand for our items abroad and we might anticipate a mild recession that will end next spring. Development should happen in 2009 since Fed is pumping great into the market and financial system.

There is always a probability of fixing the type of annuity plan you happen to be in whenever you identify a much better one. You get your payments in a convenient or specific day according to your agreement with no inconveniences. This is a sure method of repaying loans or deciding mortgage and other financial needs. Your future can be what you want this to be by making an annuity investment today.